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Written by well-known diving authors and photographers, the Aqua Quest Diving series is the most comprehensive and lavishly illustrated available. All include full descriptions of the best dive sites. Each volume is profusely illustrated with beautiful color photographs and is packed with all the details you need to plan an outstanding dive vacation including abundant information on post-dive activities.


"The dive guide series published by Aqua Quest is both thorough and of high quality." -SSI Dive Business International

"Beautifully illustrated..." -New York Daily News

"...clear language with lush photographs...the heart of the book is the descriptions of dive sites." -Travel Books Worldwide

"...a beautiful book, filled with great underwater photographs."
-San Diego Union-Tribune

"…Aqua Quest Publications, well-known in the diving community for their thorough and detailed guides to regions all over the world…"
-Kyle Foster, Skin Diver

Diving Bay Islands, by Cindy Garoutte, ISBN 1-881652-02-5, $18.95

Diving Belize, by Ned Middleton, ISBN 1-881652-01-7, $18.95

Diving Bermuda, 2nd Edition, by Jesse Cancelmo & Michael Strohofer, ISBN 1-881652-20-3, $18.95

Diving Bonaire, by George Lewbel & Larry Martin, ISBN 0-9623389-4-X, $18.95

Diving British Virgin Islands, by Jim & Odile Scheiner, ISBN 0-9623389-6-6, $18.95
Revised November 2002

Diving Cayman Islands, by Jesse Cancelmo, ISBN 1-881652-10-6, $18.95

Diving Club Med, by Michel Verdure, ISBN 1-881652-00-9, $18.95

Diving Cozumel, 2nd Edition, by Steve Rosenberg, ISBN 1-881652-31-9, $18.95

Diving Hawaii, by Steve Rosenberg, ISBN 0-9623389-1-5, $18.95

Diving Micronesia, By Eric Hanauer, ISBN 1-881652-05-X, $18.95

Diving Offshore California, by Darren & Stacey Douglas, ISBN 0-9623389-5-8, $18.95

Diving Off the Beaten Track, by Bob Burgess, ISBN 1-881652-03-3, $18.95

Top 40 Shore Dives In New Jersey, by Tom Gormley, ISBN 978-0-9795925-1-5, $24.00

The Egyptian Red Sea Divers Guide, by Eric Hanauer, ISBN 0-922769-04-4, $19.95
Diving Cape Ann and Boston's North Shore, by Donald W. Whitehead, ISBN 0-9710366-1-6, $18.95

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