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click to enlarge Marine Life of the North Atlantic, Canada to Cape May
by Andrew J. Martinez
304 pages, 6x9, 390 color photos, 15 illustrations, glossary and index
ISBN 978-1-881652-35-9
Price: $35.00
This comprehensive yet easy-to-follow guide has been expanded to include animals as far south at Cape May, NJ. It now describes 278 species of plants, fishes and invertebrates ranging from Canada to Cape May. Along with expanded comments on the animals' identification, habitat, range and natural history, 390 color photographs make this book an invaluable reference for scuba divers, naturalists and aquarium enthusiasts. In addition, over 200 of the photographs are new to this edition.

Table of Contents

  • Coastlines
  • Marine Plants
  • Sponges
  • Hydroids, Anemones, Corals
  • Comb Jellies
  • Nemertean Worms
  • Bryozoans
  • Lamp Shells
  • Gastropods, Nudibranch, Bivalves
  • Polychaetes, Segmented Worms
  • Spoon Worms
  • Crabs, Shrimps, Lobsters
  • Stars, Urchins, Cucumbers
  • Tunicates
  • Fish
  • Glossary
  • Bibliography
  • Index—Scientific Names
  • Index—Common Names
About the Author

Andrew J. Martinez has been photographing marine life for over 40 years. His adventures have taken him from the frigid Canadian waters to the tropical wonders of Indonesia. He has led trips to the Galapagos Islands and many Caribbean Islands. His work has appeared in many magazines and books including National Wildlife, National Geographic World, and Natural History. He lectures frequently at dive clubs, Harvard University Extension classes and nature centers. He lives in Massachusetts.

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  • Reviews

    Marine Life of the North Atlantic: Canada to Cape May is a gem of field guide to the underwater life of the area from shallow tide pools to the diveable depths of the local seas. It provides detailed descriptions of the natural history and nearly 400 images of the diverse fauna and flora if the region. The expert photography of Andrew Martinez adds some 200 photos since the last edition. The book is a must have addition to the library of marine naturalists, SCUBA divers and educators.

    —George Buckley, Assistant Director, Environmental Management Programs, Harvard University Extension School

    I consider the Martinez photo guide one my most valuable resources for introducing students to the marine life of our region. The photography of living organisms in the field is of exceptional quality, the taxonomy is up to date and the natural history information provided is both useful and accurate. I make sure my new students have access to copies and recommend it to anyone who has an interest in the marine biology of the Gulf of Maine and adjacent areas.

    —Larry G. Harris, Professor of Zoology, University of New Hampshire.

    This new edition of Marine Life of The North Atlantic is an excellent resource for the amateur and professional naturalist learning about the marine animals and plants of this region. The 390 photos of the 282 species provide wonderful representation of the richness of the region. The images of animal behavior and color variation distinguish it from other books. This is an invaluable reference for students, biologists, divers, and beachcombers. Great book!

    —Robert Boyle, Undersea Divers, Beverly, MA

    Marine Life of the North Atlantic: Canada to Cape May is a "go to" reference for field biologists and an essential tool in our survey kits. The outstanding images and clear text descriptions also make it a primary resource for teaching survey volunteers and diving students to identify what they see on local dives or in the sampling gear. It's not easy to improve on a classic, but Andy Martinez has done so with style.

    —Vin Malkoski, Senior Marine Fisheries Biologist, MA Division of Marine Fisheries

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