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click to enlarge Guide to Marine Life: Caribbean, Bahamas, Florida
by Marty Snyderman & Clay Wiseman
284 pages, 8-1/2 x 11, paperback, 339 color photographs, At-a-glance boxes, Glossary, Bibliography, Index
ISBN 1-881652-06-8
Price: $34.95
Beautifully illustrated guide to who lives where and who eats who. This comprehensive yet user-friendly volume is a layman's guide to the identification and habits of hundreds of marine animals. Much more than a fish identification book, this all-in-one guide emphasizes the most interesting aspects of the natural history of animals that range from sponges to the great whales. You will discover how animals adapt to their surroundings, how each species manages to survive, how various animals reproduce, how they capture their food, and what "bag of tricks" they employ to avoid being captured by other animals. There are chapters on the habitats of the reef, sand and rubble zones, and the wall. Included are over 300 of the authors' best color photographs, color-coded pages, frequent boxes on points of interest, photo tips, at-a-glance boxes, and the authors' personal accounts of their encounters with various animals.

Table of Contents

The Caribbean, Bahamas and Florida Marine Habitats

  • Life on the Reef
  • Life in the Sand and Rubble
  • Life along the Wall
Marine Life: Invertebrates, Phylum by Phylum
  • Classification of Marine Animals
  • Sponges
  • Corals, Sea Anemones, Jellyfishes, Portuguese Men-Of-War, and other Hydroids
  • Marine Worms
  • Bryozoans
  • Nudibranchs, Sea Slugs, Snails, Sea Hares, Clams, Scallops, Oysters, Mussels, Octopuses and Squids
  • Lobsters, Crabs, Shrimps, Barnacles, Copepods, Isopods and Amphipods
  • Sea Stars, Crinoids, Brittle Stars, Basket Stars Sea Cucumbers, Sea Urchins and Sand Dollars
  • Tunicates (Sea Squirts and Salps)
Marine Life: The Vertebrates, Phylum by Phylum
  • The World of Fishes
  • Rays and Sharks
  • Bony Fishes (Family by Family)
  • Sea Turtles
  • Marine Mammals: Manatees, Dolphins and Whales
Enjoying the Marine Environment
  • The Untouchables
  • Preserving the Marine Environment
About the Authors

Marty Snyderman is an Emmy Award-winning underwater cinematographer, film producer, photographer and author. His first film, To Be With Sharks, premiered on the Discovery Channel in 1994. Other credits include work for the PBS series Nature, Warner Brothers (Free Willy), The National Geographic Society (Sharks and Jewels of the Caribbean), CBS (Dolphins, Whales and Us), ABC, NOVA, ESPN, BBC, and numerous episodes on Wild Kingdom and the Discovery Channel. His articles and photographs appear often in diving and wildlife magazines. His books include California Marine Life, The Living Ocean, and Ocean Life. He is a major contributor to two CD-ROMS: Virtual BioPark, and Sharks! Marty also leads dive tours worldwide for See & Sea Travel. He lives in San Diego, California.

Clay Wiseman is a professional underwater photographer, a fisheries biologist, a ship's captain, and a scuba instructor with over 10,000 dives to his credit. At age 17 he joined Jean-Michel Cousteau's dive team exploring the remote atolls north of New Guinea. He has managed an oyster hatchery in New England, designed an oyster hatchery on the Chesapeake Bay, and worked as a commercial scallop diver in Maine. He joined the Aggressor Fleet in 1987, becoming a photo pro, and skipper for liveaboards in the Caymans, Belize, Turks & Caicos, Hawaii, Palau and Truk. Clay is one of the few photographers shooting medium format (6x7cm) underwater. His articles and photographs have appeared in numerous magazines, books and calendars. He lives in Santa Cruz, California.


"'s a excellent fish ID book for divers and an entertaining read on how fish feed, reproduce, and take care of business. If you want just one book on Caribbean critters, this is it."

-Ben Davison, In Depth/Undercurrent

"...a fantastic, easy-to-read book, illustrated with excellent underwater photographs. I especially enjoy the numerous sidebars: at-a-glance boxes summarize the scientific names, habitats, size and natural history of subjects, and photo tips tell how to approach and photograph subjects. If you want to know what you are seeing underwater, this is the book for you."

-Jim Church

"A beautiful book with impressive pictures. But it's more than just photos; it tells about the interaction of marine life on the reef and has great photo tips. It's been a great seller for us."

-Judith Peters, Sea Sports Scuba, Houston

"...includes information from the entire spectrum of reef inhabitants (not just fish!)...I found it hard to put down. Great reading at home and a great addition to any library."

-Laddie Akins, Reef Notes (Reef Environmental Education Foundation)

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