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click to enlarge Great Lakes Shipwrecks: A Photographic Odyssey
By Gary Gentile
112 pages, 8-1/2 x 11 inches, hardcover, 440 color photos
ISBN 1-883056-13-6
Price: $30.00
The first recorded shipwreck to occur in the Great Lakes was the Griffon: La Salle's small, two-masted brigantine that was built and lost in 1679. Since that time thousands of vessels have met their fates along the shores or in the depths of the continents's inland waterway.
In the color-filled pages of this book is a sampling of 53 of the vessels that "went missing" and were discovered. Shipwrecks pave the bottoms of the Great Lakes and many of them are museum quality exhibits of yesteryear's lake-borne trafffic.
The broad reaches of the five Great Lakes conceal shipwrecks of numerous descriptions: sailing vessels of many types, steamships with wood or metal hulls, tugboats, barges, dredgers, and more.
This volume is for divers and non-divers alike: avid wreck explorers as well as armchair historians?anyone fascinated by the riches of man's underwater heritage.

About the Author

Gary Gentile started his diving career in 1970. Since then he has made 1,000's of decompression dives, over 180 of them on the Andrea Doria. He has specialized in wreck diving and shipwreck research, concentration on wrecks along the East Coast, from Newfoundland to Key West, and in the Great Lakes. He has written dozens of articles for magazines and has published thousands of photographs in books, periodicals, newspapers, brochures, museum displays, film and television. He lectures extensively on wilderness and underwater topics, and conducts seminars on advanced wreck diving techniques and high-tech diving equipment. He is the author of more than three dozen books: primarily science fiction novels and nonfiction works on diving, and nautical and shipwreck history. His works include the Popular Dive Guide Series of shipwreck books along the East Coast. He served in the 25th Infantry Division in Vietnam where he was severely wounded.

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