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click to enlarge Dolphin Borne
By Carlos Eyles,
160 pages, 5-1/2x8-1/2, paperback
ISBN 0-922769-25-7
Price: $12.95

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Dolphin Borne is a sea survival story that develops into a messge of the sea's creatures to mankind. When a veteran and a novice blue water hunter are stalking prey off an island in the Sea of Cortez, the novice spears a large amberjack that proves more than he can handle. The fish bolts for the open sea pulling the novice with it. When it finally tires the hunter is caught in strong currents heading down the channel. The veteran comes to his assistance and the two must survive by their skills and what little they have on them. Eyles weaves a masterly tale that twists and turns with the unexpected, where the impossible becomes possible and the real becomes surreal. It is a breathtaking adventure that ends with a series of phantasmagoric experiences that become only too real. Though a novel this is a classic Carlos Eyles adventure you won't want to miss.

About the Author

Carlos Eyles became deeply connected to the ocean world as a child growing up on the beaches of Hawaii. His life, as first a free diving big game spearfisherman and now as an underwater photographer, has covered much of the planet's oceans and seas3/4a lifetime journey, which has also paralleled the decline of the ocean's great wealth. He has written eight books and countless articles about his ocean experiences. His underwater photographs are found in major books and publications worldwide. He recently returned to Hawaii to live and teach free diving.

Link to the author's website:

Want more of Carlos Eyles?
Carlos Eyles, author, photographer, adventurer completed a 30-day NOAA expedition to the northwest islands in the Hawaiian chain. This remote wilderness was being studied and cataloged by NOAA and Carlos served as their staff writer. His daily journals are posted on the following website:

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