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click to enlarge DEEP DIVING: Advanced Physiology, Procedures and Systems
By Bret Gilliam with Robert von Maier & John Crea
352 pages, 5-1/2x8/1/2, paperback, B&W photos, Bibliography, Index
ISBN 0-922769-31-1

*What are seconds?
This book fills the gap between sport diving texts and the complex medical/commercial texts. Covered are such topics as physiological and mental preparation for deep diving, stress, nitrogen narcosis, oxygen toxicity, staged decompression, deep diving equipment, self-sufficiency, dive computers, contigency planning, nitrox, mixed gas, dive tables, and decompression sickness and treatment. Included are many first hand accounts of the authors and other top experts such as Dr. Bill Hamilton, Tom Mount, Sheck Exley, Jim Lockwood, Jim Bowden and Dick Rutkowski.


"If you plan to slip outside the envelope your training agency mailed you with your C-card, this book is a must. It could save your life..."

-George Lewbel, In Depth

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