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click to enlarge Blackwolf
by Jon Coon,
440 pages, 5-1/4x8 inches, trade paperback
ISBN 1-881652-15-7
Price: $11.95

*What are seconds?
Lurking beneath an ocean crevasse near the edge of the abyss, Blackwolf, a deadly high-tech submarine waits to launch an attack of unimaginable horror. Can it be stopped before thousands die? In this sequel to Thief of the Deep, the saga continues as Ex-Navy SEAL Doc Holiday vows to destroy Blackwolf and her evil crew, led by the old Nazi U-boat captain, Hans Behrmann. From the Cayman Islands to the inner sanctum of the White House, follow Doc as he tries to stay one step ahead of Jack Morgan, a power broker and adviser to presidents, who wants it all.

Publisher's Note

This is the sequel to Thief of the Deep by Jon Coon.

About the Author

Jon Coon is a regional manager for the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI). In this book, Jon has drawn heavily on his experiences as a Navy medic, commercial oil field diver specializing in underwater demolitions, diving safety and training officer for NASA, scientific diver, scuba instructor trainer, seminary graduate, and English teacher.


"They say the secret to good writing is to write what you know. Considering that Coon's real-life experiences include being a regional manager for PADI, a Navy medic, a commercial oil field diver, seminary graduate and English teacher, Coon's second venture into modern sea adventure writing culminates in an authentic voice to diving fiction.... What ensues are believable action scenes and suspenseful plot twists as ex-Navy SEAL Doc Holiday pledges to circumvent Blackwolf's reign of destruction."

-Heather Brown, Skin Diver

"Divers and non-divers alike will enjoy the on-the-edge-of-your-seat situations. Illustrate affirmation of goodness, beauty and life."

-Natalie Woodall, Palladium Times, Oswego, NY

"A tantalizing mix of intrigue, adventure and passion. When it comes to underwater thrillers, Coon is the real article."

-Drew Richardson, PADI Journal

"Blackwolf spends enough time underwater to keep divers interested."

-Rodale's Scuba Diving

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