by Tom Gromley
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click to enlarge Top 40 Shore Dives
In New Jersey

By Tom Gormley
208 pages 8-1/2 x 11, paperback, 138 B&W photos, 44 maps, glossary, references
ISBN: 978-0-9795925-1-5
Pub Date: 2008
Price $24.00
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Table of Contents

How To Use This Book
Shore Diving Background
  • Motivating A New Jersey Shore Diver
  • Shore Dive Season
  • History of Maritime New Jersey
  • Jetties, Breakwaters, Groins and Bridges
  • Marine Life
  • Access To The Shore
Becoming A Shore Diver
  • So You Want To Become a Shore Diver
  • Learning to Shore Dive
  • 1. Buoyancy Control
    2. Shore Entry
    3. Shore Exit
    4. Navigating
Divesite Information
  • Divesite Rating Considerations
  • Divesite Ratings
  • Divesite Descriptions
  • 1. Old Atlantic Highlands Pier, Atlantic Highlands
    2. Auditorium, Sandy Hook Park
    3. Guardian Park, Sandy Hook Park
    4. Horseshoe Cove, Sandy Hook Park
    5. Old Steampoint Pier, Sandy Hook
    6. Shrewsbury River, Sandy Hook
    7. Old Highlands Bridge, Sandy Hook
    8. Old Highlands Bridge, Highlands
    9. Miller Street Beach, Highlands
    10. Old Long Branch Pier, Long Branch
    11. Chauncy Jerome Jr., Long Branch
    12. Duak WrecksóAdonis, Rusland, Long Branch
    13. Pliny, Deal
    14. Hathaway Jetty, Allenhurst
    15. Allenhurst Jetty, Allenhurst
    16. Shark River Inlet, Avon-By-The-Sea
    17. Shark River Inlet, Belmar
    18. Shark River Back Bay and Piet, Belmar
    19. Western World Wreck, Spring Lake
    20. Manasquan Wreck, Manasquan
    21. New Manasquan River Railroad Bridge, Point
          Pleasant Beach
    22. Lizzie H. Brayton, Point Pleasant Beach
    23. Bluffs Wreck, Bay Head
    24. Cannons Wreck, Mantoloking
    25. John Minturn, Mantoloking
    26. China Wreck, Mantoloking
    27. Lavallette Wreck North, Lavallette
    28. Lavallette Wreck South, Lavallette
    29. Miss Eleanor, Island Beach
    30. Caterina or Bone Wreck North, Island Beach
    31. Remedios Pascual or Bone Wreck South, Island
    32. Longport Jetty, Longport
    33. Strathmere Bridge and Corson's Inlet,
    34. SS Atlantus, Cape May
    35. Round Valley Recreation Area, Hunterdon
    36. Delaware River Water Gap Train Wreck, Water
          Gap, Pennslyvania
    37. Delaware Ruver Water Gap, New Jersey
    38. Dutch Springs Resort, Bethlahem, Pennslyvania
    39. Lake Hopacong, Hopacong
Shore Diving Activities, References, and Resources
  • Night Diving
  • Photography and Videography
  • Artifact Collecting
  • Spearfishing
  • Lobster Hunting
  • Underwater Propulsion Vehicles
  • Winter Diving in New Jersey
  • New Site Exploration
  • Ideas for Shore Diving Outside New Jersey
  • 1. Long Island, New York
    2. Rhode Island
    3. Pennsylvania
    4. Massachusetts
    5. Maryland
    6. New York
  • Cooking Your Favorite SeafoodóRecipes
  • 1. Pan Fried Breaded Blackfish
    2. Pan Fried Breaded Flounder
    3. Grilled Blackfish or Flounder Boat Style
    4. Boiled Lobster
    5. Steamed Lobster
    6. Baked Blackfish
    7. Steamed Mussels For Two
    4. Broiled Flounder
    5. Grilled Striped Bass Steaks
    6. Surf Clam Chowder
  • Finding Scuba Resources
  • 1. Dive Shops
    2. Dive Clubs
  • Finding Support Organizations
  • 1. American Littorial Society
    2. Beneath The Sea Dive Show
    3. Ocean Wreck Divers
    4. Clean Ocean Action
    5. New Jersey Council of Diving Clubs
    6. New Jersey Historical Divers Association
    7. Divers Anonymous Dive Club
Glossary of Terms
  • GPS List of Entry Points, and Some Wreck Locations
  • References
  • About The Author

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